Did the Amazons Really Exist? Amazon Etymology
Naming the Legendary Warriors
Bullfighting Bullfighting
Fearless Women of the Ring
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
High-Flying Heroines
Gladiators Gladiators
Wariors of the Roman Arena
Hua Mulan Hua Mulan
Gender-Bending Chinese Warrior
Mata Hari Mata Hari
Spy With a Specialty in Striptease
Night Witches Night Witches
Soviet World War II Combat Pilots
Penthesilea Penthesilea
Amazon Queen
Samurai Samurai
Fierce Japanese Females
Who Wears the Pants? Trailblazers in Trousers Who Wears the Pants?
Trailblazers in Trousers
Vikings Vikings
Strong Women of the Sea
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Crusader for Justice
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